Practice Ground

The Green Committee have been reviewing the rules for the practice ground and would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to read and digest what we believe are a set of simple and sensible rules so that everyone can both enjoy using the area and improve their game.

The critical issue is to ensure that everyone; members, guests, teaching professionals and greenstaff, are SAFE at all times. Please bear this in mind and do not take any risks.

We would also ask everyone to respect the area such as raking bunkers after use and hitting balls within the confines of the area.

Thank you for your observance.


* Never hit balls in the direction of other players or greenstaff.
* Do not play towards the King’s School fence other than short pitch shots to the green.

* Greenstaff have priority when working on and maintaining the practice ground.
* The Club's Professionals have priority in certain areas to conduct lessons.

* Only play from designated roped areas or artificial surfaces in the direction indicated.
* All irons and metals may be used from the tee down the hill.
* Long hitters should play from the right-hand side towards the middle of the landing area.
* Repair divots if divotting material available.

* Play is allowed from areas adjacent to the main teeing area and practice green provided the safety of others is observed.

* Ensure bunkers are raked to the standard you would expect to find them.

* Are available from the machine in the carpark using tokens.
* There is a limit of 100 per member per day and please do not hoard to ensure supply for everyone.
* Should not be hit deliberately in the direction of the woods as recovery is difficult, time consuming and replacement is costly.

* The practice ground is closed between midday and 2 pm Monday to Friday for ball collection with flexibility on Tuesdays for Ladies competitions warm-ups.
* In Winter, because of the difficulty of collection in wet conditions, balls are not provided but players may use their own balls provided they ensure that there are no safety issues during collection.