Practice Ground

Occupying approximately 27 acres and available to members and visitors alike, our Practice Ground is the envy of the majority of Clubs. A purpose-built tee enables golfers to practice their drives and long-irons and a separate area of the tee accommodates short-iron play. The home-made, fully drained green together with bunkers allows perfect pitching practice. Practice-balls are free for members whilst visitors may obtain tokens from the professional's shop for a small fee.

The Practice Ground is there for all to enjoy but of prime importance is SAFETY. Please ensure that at all times you play with due consideration for everyone else around you.

The Guidelines have been developed to ensure we have both SAFE play and that we have the best playing surfaces available for as long as possible throughout the season.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:
• Priority must be given to greenstaff at all times when on the golf course or practice ground.
• Only take as many balls as you are likely to use from the machine beside the Pro’s shop. Do not hoard balls in the boot of your car. There is not an infinite supply.
• Play with the intention of keeping the balls on the Practice Ground. Collection of balls is time consuming without having to search in the woods. Last year we spent more than £2500 replacing balls.
• Play long shots (7 iron up to Driver) down the hill from the designated roped grass area of the day.
• Play short shots (8 iron to Wedge) to the short game target areas from the mat only on the tee.
• Play short shots to the green from either the roped area on the tee or the mats or from the general practice area (off the tee) provided it is safe to do so. Do not play from any other parts of the tee.
• Play bunker shots either to the green or onto the general practice area ensuring that you rake the bunker afterwards. Leave it in a condition you would like to find it.

Please abide by these guidelines and remind others of their responsibilities.

The Club will take a serious view of any abuse and will not hesitate to take disciplinary action where necessary.