Ice and Frost
29th November 2017
Members Only
Diary Event

Greenkeeping staff will check the golf course first thing in the morning for any safety issues. The course will remain open in the event of frost but greenkeeping staff will move the flags onto winter greens until the white frost has lifted. Greenkeeping staff will advise members and staff before the first tee time and if need be throughout the day.

Extreme caution MUST be taken when conditions are icy.

Do your own risk assessment and ask yourself if you really need to be playing golf when conditions are frosty or icy.

Away from the course only the walkway at the front of the Clubhouse and the terrace will be gritted. The car parks and driveway WILL NOT BE GRITTED. On the course only the rubber crumb paths are gritted but could still be slippery. Care MUST be taken when using them. When using constructed paths please take care as they are uneven in places.

The Clubhouse opens at 8:00 am and by the end of December/beginning of January sunrise can be as late as 8:24 am. Please be aware that if you are at the Club before 8:00 am it is highly unlikely that any gritting will be possible until it is light.

Slopes can be slippery even in dry weather so please take special care and always consider using a longer route with a gentler slope when negotiating them. Our greens staff do all that is reasonable to keep steps and paths clear of mud but these areas can still become slippery in wet or frosty conditions and care should be taken at all times when using them.

David Holmes
General Manager

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